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  • Dave - K5OZ, Ron-WB5CXJ, and John-AA5UY worked on the repeater system today.  Currently the digital side is not working but that will be added very soon.   There is still more to do but most of the work is done.  We now have 3 repeaters and one packet digi in operation.
    442.125, 444.100, 147.27, and w5sla - digi on 145.01.

    Nick-K5EF did a very nice talk on Central Electronic Radio Company and the radios they made.  These are vintage radios and along with that Nick talked about the days of AM /SSB.   Thank you do much Nick for the presentation.

    Email from the Jefferson Club and be great if we can participate we want to thank them for thinking of us.

    I spoke with the owners of The Dock via email and they're excited to have us there on Sunday. They will open at 8:00 AM for brunch. PT-305 is expected to arrive at 10:30 AM. We hope to arrive around 9:30 AM to setup. Our plans at the moment are to erect a 10'x10' collapsible canopy (possibly two) on a strip of grass between the restaurant and the volleyball courts near the parking lot. We have a 30' fiberglass flagpole and drive-over mount with a hamstick dipole at the top. We're testing out the antenna setup tomorrow, weather permitting. We've used a member's identical setup at the New Basin Canal Lighthouse last year and did well despite the weather that day. Our go-kit and logging laptop will be under the canopy on a folding table, and we'll bring two chairs for those positions (everyone else should bring their own lawn/deck chair). We will bring coolers with soft drinks and water, chips, and probably donuts, but want to encourage everyone to make use of the restaurant. We also want to activate on on D-Star. Is your D-Star repeater in range from the restaurant? If not, we'll bring a Zumspot or equivalent. We plan on operating as long as the boat is docked at the restaurant.

     We plan to arrive at the boathouse on Saturday around 8:00 AM to setup our canopy, banner, antenna, etc. We hope to be operating by 9:00 AM. There is a restaurant withing walking distance of the boathouse. We will bring coolers with soft drinks and water, chips, and probably donuts. We have access to the restroom at the boathouse. They ask that we park on the cul-de-sac just past the boathouse and leave the boathouse parking lot spaces for museum visitors. We will probably operate until 3:00 or 4:00 PM. 

     None of the JARC members I've asked is familiar with the COMROD antenna. We appreciate the offer to use the antenna, but are reluctant to rely on an antenna at an event without testing it first. If you have someone that is familiar with it they're more than welcome to bring it out.

     I'll be in touch should any of the plans change.


    Chris W5CMM

  • First Reading of Paul-W2XXX to become a new member.  
  • Next Hamfest meeting will be May 23rd.  New Time is now 7:30 p.m. 
  • SAVE THE DATE 1st Hamfest Flier.
  • List of Future Presentations; SDR (software define radio), Hotspot setups, and building a frequency counter.  One on SSB radio will be TBA and here is a link about it. Done By Nick Tusa-K5EF - will be presented at the social meeting in April.
  • Members can update their information for the new club's directory.   Here is the form  This form has to be hand carried or mailed to Frank's attention.
  • Minutes are Posted for May 2019.   Here is a direct link for that PDF
  • QRM is posted for April 2019.  Here is a direct link for that PDF.   
  • Follow us on Facebook.  Here is the link
  • Past Presentations:  Here is a link-these are save on the Cloud.
  • Winter Field Day 2019; Pictures are posted on our Cloud.
  • Russel-AB6DS has 2 fusion repeaters in Bush, LA and they are connected to the DWARN repeater system.   Here is a link that will give users more information about DWARN and Fusion (C4FM).
  • Ron is taking orders for shirts with our logo on them.   Please check the minutes for prices and sizes. 





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